Energy Efficient Lighting

Our team specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing LED lighting fixtures and retrofits because we believe in their benefits.

Throughout our years of experience, we have witnessed a variety of benefits that our clients have received from implementing LED lighting. Not only did their budgets improve, but so did their indoor and outdoor environments. Because of these benefits, we have catered our techniques and product offerings to reflect the importance of implementing LED lighting in commercial settings.

At Energy Solutions International, it is our goal to provide the most simple and customer-friendly experience. That is why we strive to reduce down time by offering broad availability and LED lighting. LED lights can last for up to 50,000 hours, which means they won’t need to be replaced often. This reduces downtime as well as the cost of repairs. When the time comes to replace the bulbs, they won’t flicker or flash, but rather they will slowly dim until they stop working. Additionally, once the bulbs need to be disposed of, they can be disposed of more safely and affordably than other bulbs. This is because they don’t contain dangerous mercury and can be recycled as normal.

Enlighten your business on the numerous benefits of implementing affordable, durable, and high performing LED lighting.

Our customers also appreciate that the utilization of LED lighting furthers their environmental commitment. Not only do LED’s long lifespans reduce the amount of replacement bulbs necessary, but they also have very low energy requirements.  Unlike incandescent bulbs, which give off 90% of energy as heat, LED bulbs operate with only a fraction of that heat output. These bulbs also operate with a fraction of the energy that other bulbs demand. This lowered energy usage benefits the environment and creates more predictable and affordable energy bills.

Although these bulbs utilize significantly less energy than other types, they don’t produce any lesser quality of light. These bulbs closely resemble natural light, which can help improve the brightness of the environment and the productivity of your business’ occupants. Businesses also enjoy the ability to produce these lights in a variety of colors. This helps not only with aesthetics, but also with designating certain areas in a building.

Because these fixtures have so many benefits, manufacturers have developed ways of incorporating them into a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This includes traditional office environments, environments where deaf people require color signals, and in agricultural and horticultural environments. We offer a variety of fixtures and retrofit kits to accommodate numerous applications, and we also have the ability to create customized designes for more unique needs.

Energy Solutions International is happy to provide LED lighting to our customers because we are well aware of their multiple benefits. These lighting fixtures and retrofit kits will improve both expenditures and environments.  If you are curious about the results our previous customers have experienced or want to see how we think this lighting can benefit your business, contact us today to get started!

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