Upgrade to LED

Upgrading to an LED lighting system is a big step for a company. Many concerns may come up while considering the transition, but rest assured our team can help answer any of your questions to make the change as simple as possible.

Upgrading to LED

Many questions arise when updating current lighting systems to LED. At Energy Solutions International, our lighting technicians have the ability to answer your questions to suit your specific needs. With over 25 years of lighting experience and with the help of systems including; AutoCAD, Inventor, Photopia, and AGI32, you can trust us to find the most effective design to fit your building. Once installed, your new LED lighting system will work similar to your original conventional lighting. We at ESI want you to feel comfortable with the new technical aspect of your lighting. You can trust ESI to educate you on your new system including;


  • How your new light system works
  • How to maintain the new system
  • How to optimize performance

Upgrade to LED lighting today and start getting the most out of your lighting system.

The Transition to LED

With the use of our software options, we are able to configure the layout of your building, maximize uniformity, and ensure that your space is properly lit. To upgrade to LED, you will either need to replace the current fixture, or have a retrofit kit installed. This decision is based on your current lighting, as well as the application. If applicable, retrofitting can help keep costs low and reduces overall project time.

Benefits of LED

There is a long list of benefits that come from upgrading to LED from your current, conventional lighting. Some of the benefits include;


  • Lower energy bills
  • Smarter, more controllable lighting
  • Better uniformity
  • Many more!

ESI works hard to ensure energy efficient, quality lighting solutions to suit many applications. Whether it be retrofitting or replacing current fixtures, upgrading to an LED system with ESI products will save you money, improve system efficiency, and reduce maintenance on lighting systems. Contact us for any further information you may have on specifications, ordering information, or any other questions you may have.

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