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Light up your Commercial Property

ESI is offering the most innovative and budget-friendly solutions for  commercial use. The CE series of LED lights are ideal for lighting up the stairways at a commercial complex. Gone are the days of old halogen lights, say Hello to CE premium LED lights.

CE Lights for Cost Efficiency

The CE series is the best solution for all your lighting needs. Perfect for warehouses and large retail outlets.

The architectural design is slick and modern. The full beam angle provides even distribution of light. The all-metal surface is painted with a highly reflective white glass for a visibly attractive feature. The 0.32-inch aluminum housing gives you strong light with easy installation.

Say Goodbye to your Old Halogen Lights

The old halogen lamps needed a lot of energy, and they were costly. LEDs are now integrated into most of our lighting. They provide a sufficiently robust light while consuming between 5 and 10 times less energy than a conventional light bulb.

Save Electricity

Save electricity with CE Series commercial LED lights. For more savings, we have added solar models to our range. No source of energy is required; just let the sun do its work, recharge the batteries and allow quality night lighting. These models are acclaimed by our customers who are often surprised by the excellent light of these low pollution and financially painless lamps!

Attention to Detail and Aesthetics

Analyzing the aesthetics and the size of your commercial center is important. The lighting must emphasize essential parts of your store. Proper lighting makes the difference between a well-lit store and a dull one. We offer various types of luminaires available such as the CE series. These lights are highly capable of brightening up your exhibit.

Looking for stylish energy efficient lights? Look no further! ESI offers the best variety of LED lights on the market. We have a wide range of LEDs for indoor, outdoor, and commercial lights. Contact us today for more information.