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The Best Selection of LED Lights by ESI Lighting

Over the years, ESI Lighting is providing many options for customers to help them light their commercial spaces. Our high quality LED lights in the GN series will light up every nook and corner of your property. The LED lights in the GN series will scatter bright light across the entire facade of your store, making it shine brighter than other stores. If you are looking to illuminate or highlight the best part of your store, GN series is for you.

Lights that Fit your Needs

Our LED lights are a jewel of modern technology. The GN series is designed meticulously keeping customer needs as the prime focus of the design and construction. There are several varieties in the GN series. There are some models in the series that are made with different types of LEDs. Select a light that suits your specific needs and requirements. Depending on the area you want to illuminate, the LED modules can easily adapt to your needs.

Eco-friendly and Economical

Thanks to LED technology, you can adjust your lighting with great care while adopting an economic and eco-friendly approach. The main advantage of the LED is its low consumption. The low consumption of power will lead to long-term savings on your electricity bill. Our LED lights in the GN series have a very long life. It makes our lights very eco-friendly as they do not require frequent replacement.

No More Heat Ups

The biggest benefit of our LED lights is that it does not heat up like conventional lights. The GN series is free from UV, making them a safe option for homes with children. The LED lights in our GN series are easy to install. The LED modules will allow you to bring a little touch of artistry in the commercial store. The customers will feel welcome to your well-lit store; our LED lights will highlight the best aspects of your store.

Expect the Best Performance

The GN series is carefully crafted for the best lighting solution for all types of properties. The rigid die with the 20 gauge cold rolled steel housing promises sturdy and long life. The joiner ends and bands give an appearance of the continuous rows. The GN series is designed to give the most lumen output than any other light on the market.