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Choose the Best LED Light Fixtures on the Market

If you are looking for the best LED lights to brighten up your commercial property, GX series is a perfect choice. The GX LED lights are specifically designed to illuminate all types of properties.

The GX Series, by Energy Solutions International, has a low profile recessed reflector. The reflector helps transform the non-aesthetic strip channel into an attractive LED light fixture. These LED lights have diverse control and many sensors that makes these lights perfect for automatic light control systems at homes or commercial centers. The channel width is between four to five inches, easily fits different strip design channels.

Efficient Philips Based Modules

The GX series has a number of components that use the highly efficient Philips modules. To further improve the effectiveness of these lights, the modules are paired with Philips Drivers for better illumination. The combination of modules and Philips Drivers makes these lights reliable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Your LEDs will have a long life as they are easy to maintain.

Aluminum Exterior

The exterior of the GX series is made of high-quality aluminum. It gives a glossy white finish to the lights, helping them shine brighter. The aluminum is sturdy and gives stability to the different products in the entire GX series line. Another benefit of the aluminum is that it makes the GX series easy to install and maintain.

The GX series is easy to install, the lights come with their own Versa brackets that makes installation very easy and simple. The lights are easy to hand bend for perfect fitting in all types of brackets and channel widths. The fixture mounting on the GX series comes with two options that include a surface and suspended fixtures. The lights are able to give you:

  • Occupancy sensors for day/light harvesting on/off
  • Occupancy and daylight with High/low/off
  • Comes with an occupancy and daylight sharing with grouping or alternative occupancy sharing
  • Optional network based light controls

If you are looking for high quality LED lights for commercial use, GX series is the best solution for all your lighting needs. Contact us today for more information about our entire series.