Parking Garage Lighting | Energy Solutions International

In today’s environment, facility managers juggle a number of pressures, not the least of which is keeping customers and employees feeling safe while in the parking garage and living managing ever shrinking maintenance budgets. Proper lighting plays a major role in that equation. With older High Intensity Discharge (HID) systems requiring periodic re-lamping and re-ballasting coupled with the possibility of non-passive failure injuring employees, customers or their property, many of today’s facilities managers are looking to longer lived, reliable lighting solutions. Two main solutions are emerging to successfully replace these older systems: Induction Fluorescent and LED lighting.

ESI manufactures solutions in both formats to meet your parking facility needs in wattages from 40 to 200 Watts. Although initial costs can be higher than older systems, the enormous energy savings and reduced maintenance that the Induction and LED systems provide a compelling financial business motivation to switch. Be sure to check with local utilities and tax personnel .  Frequently, there are incentives and rebates that will dramatically reduce the initial cost of converting to these newer energy efficient systems.

Below is a case that describes the energy savings benefit of converting from an older 175 Watt HID system to the new ESI 60 Watt LED Parking Garage solution.