Vapor Tight

Dirt, debris, and vapor can ruin the life of your lights – Our vapor tight fixtures can fix that!

Vapor tight fixtures are those that are sealed tightly to protect the lights from harmful elements. These are perfect for industrial facilities with complex environments. This additional protection reduces maintenance and replacement costs and ensures your facility will experience a long lifetime of illumination. Many of these fixtures even meet the standards for strict building safety codes. If our multiple styles and options don’t fit your unique needs, we have the ability to customize these units.

Industrial facilities are complex environments that can produce waste, both wet and dry, that is damaging to your lighting systems. Have you considered vapor tight fluorescent fixtures to protect your investments?

Our VA series vapor tight luminaire is the most popular fluorescent model because of its quality and ability to be customized. These fixtures produce superior light quality and photometric efficiency because of the reputable materials that are used. We offer 2×2 and 2×4 models, with additional options such as dimming, on board sensors, and v hangers available. Installation is made simple because of the optional stainless hanging straps. And, although the fixture is secure, the ballasts can be accessed without tools. We offer this model because it has proven to be dependable, durable, and cost-effective. Our team also has the ability to create customized fixtures to cater to special clients.

Once you have decided on the best fluorescent vapor tight fixtures for your business, our team members will install the fixtures professionally and promptly. It is our goal to cause as little disruption and downtime as possible, which is why we are available on evening and weekend hours to meet unique schedules. After the unit is installed, we will ensure its performance through our maintenance and repair services. Many of our customers enjoy the fact that they can trust Energy Solutions for all of their lighting needs.

The lighting in your business has a significant impact on your employees and guests, so leave the responsibility of your lighting needs to the experts. Trust our team members to provide quality products and customer service that will exceed your expectations. Whether you are curious about other indoor fluorescent vapor tight projects we’ve completed or are ready to start choosing your fixtures, contact us today to get started!

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