High Bay

If you are seeking efficient and effective lighting for your large spaces, high bay LED lighting is the best solution!

For large areas, high bay lighting fixtures provide powerful lighting to illuminate the space. We recommend LED high bay lighting because LED technology produces more effective and more efficient results. You can trust that our team realizes the investment that your business is making and will do our best to ensure its monetary and environmental return.

LED highbay lights outperform traditional fixtures as they produce high color rendering, flicker free and “instant on” light. Although they have superior performance, these luminaires don’t require any more energy to run. In fact, these lights run on less electricity than alternative fixtures. This reduced energy requirement means businesses will enjoy lower and more predictable energy bills. Another benefit of these fixtures’ superior performance is the lower maintenance and replacement costs that come from their long lifespans. These lights are perfectly suited for controls strategies that will further reduce ongoing costs.

Implementing high bay LED lighting fixtures will create a more efficient, affordable, and well-lit environment for your business!

There are various applications for high bay lighting, but we have seen the highest demand within the following industries:

  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports
  • Big Box Retail

We offer various indoor high bay LED models, including the MEG3, DT, VA, VH, and EC series. Our most popular series are the ME Gen3 and the VA. The MEG3’s shallow 3’ profile is able to blend in seamlessly. This model features 60-degree crosswise shielding which provides high visual comfort. Also, by utilizing high quality Xitanium drivers & Seoul LED boards, the fixture is able to produce up to 166 Lumens per watt.

The VA series contains a popular vapor tight model which can withstand wet environments and high-pressure wash-down. The Philips Xitanium LED Drivers & Philips Fortimo LED Boards create superior light quality and photometric efficiency.

No matter which model you choose, you can count on Energy Solutions International to provide professional grade products and service. Our team members would love to help you transform your large space by upgrading your high bay lighting fixtures. If you are interested in hearing more about our controls ideas or are ready to start improving your lighting, contact us today to get started!

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