The LX & LT offer subtlety that you can customize.

Our customers choose Energy Solutions recessed LED lighting for their lighting needs to improve their work space and reduce their energy expenditures. These fixtures sit flush with the ceiling while offering choices in aesthetic appeal. They are lightweight and easy to install. The LEDs within the fixtures are high quality reliable LEDs from reputable suppliers engineered into the luminaires to get the highest efficiencies.

Although there are numerous applications for recessed LED products, we have seen the highest demand within the hospitality, retail, and commercial industry. Recessed lights from ESI can be a variety of sizes including 2×2, 2×4, 1×4 and 1×8. Our most popular recessed lighting series are the LX and LT because they are dependable, easy to install, and are perfect candidates for smart controls. Both are great for retrofitting existing recessed fixture bodies.

Trust our expert team to expertly specify and deliver your business’ recessed ceiling lights. This will not only improve your environment, but also reduce your operations spending.

Improve your indoor environment’s aesthetics and efficiency with our offering of LED recessed lighting.

LX LED Troffer Retrofit Kit or Fixture

  • 150,000+ hour lifespan
  • Wide spread illumination
  • Great for larger spaces
  • Available as a new fixture
  • Flexible lumen, wattage, & color temperature options

LT LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

  • Aluminum construction
  • Superior heat transfer
  • Maximized component life
  • Improved light output
  • >50% wattage reduction
  • Compatible with most Troffer housings
  • Reliable Xitanium/Optotronic LED drivers

No matter which fixture you choose, you can trust the ESI team to stand behind our products. We know that downtime is unacceptable in your place of business, and that’s why we take the time to test all of our products. Our team members strive to provide superior customer service and will be available for any question or concern you may have. If you are interested in our experience with recessed indoor LED lighting or are ready to upgrade your lighting, contact us today to get started!

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