Are your fixtures in good condition but not producing the light your business needs?

LED retrofits are growing in demand with the improvement in performance over fluorescent lights. Our retrofit kits offer an alternative to complete fixture replacements with the choice of either maintaining your current look and feel or upgrading.  While many businesses are looking at the cost to do a full light replacement, many haven’t been informed of the retrofit option. With an improved ROI, your business can benefit from LEDs without the expense of having your entire lighting system replaced.

How do you know if an LED retrofit is a good fit for you? Answering a few simple questions can help make the decision between replacing lighting fixtures or retrofitting using the existing fixtures already in place.

  1. Are my fixtures in good condition?
  2. Does disturbing the fixture housing present problems?
  3. Is there a remodeling project coming up?
  4. Would a retrofit be less intrusive to the users of the space?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate for an LED retrofit! Energy Solutions has a wide selection of retrofit kits that will fit your existing lights and help you implement the benefit of LEDs.

Save money and enhance your indoor environment with the easy installation of an LED retrofit.

LED retrofit lights are the most popular lighting upgrades buildings are currently implementing. Many companies want to get rid of the excessive cost of metal halide, HPS, and fluorescents to take advantage of the lower cost and lower maintenance of LEDs. Switching to LED lights can drop a company’s energy cost by over 50%. The savings in a little over two years usually covers the cost of a simple retrofit ensuring continued ROI. The lower maintenance means there doesn’t have to be an additional person or company hired to change out bulbs and maintain the more complicated fixtures. With the longer life of LEDs, many industrial businesses have found that their workers are safer because they aren’t on ladders to switch bulbs as often.

If the cost hasn’t sold a retrofit LED for you, maybe the increased curb appeal will. Buildings and stores that are on main roads have found more foot traffic and even increased sales because of LED lights! Customers have reacted positively to the change in lighting, especially to the way the LEDs enhance their display cases. The ability to change colors, dim at the touch of a finger, and enhance specific products, is a subliminal sales tactic that you can take advantage of with a new retrofit. The benefits of LED retrofits continue to grow as more and more businesses are moving to the more cost-effective choice.

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