Can your lights last 11 years without ever being turned off?

Commercial and industrial strips are work horse lighting for many businesses. With LED fixtures and retrofit kits strip lighting can remain a reliable work horse or it can be upgraded to a sleek modern design. Whether you need to replace completely or retrofit LED light engines offer a unique opportunity when investing in strip lighting. In addition to energy efficiency and high-quality light LED strips can easily be a more pleasing form function with the small size of the LED source.

Flexibility – Our LED strips can be customized to your specific needs. Various lengths, controls and dimming options, and a wide range of lumen choices can be designed for your projects. Whether you are using strip LED lights to light products, create a comfortable working environment, or enhance an architectural element, LED strips are a great lighting choice that offer many different options.

Low Profile – These strip lights can be placed almost anywhere. Our standard VX Series comes in a shallow 2.0” depth. The height of the strip lights makes these useable in low clearance or space constrained areas, wherever you need additional light.

Environmentally Friendly – LED lights are free of toxic chemicals so production and disposal won’t create harmful landfill additions. Since they are 100% recyclable, there is no reason to even add lights to landfills. Businesses that use LED strip lights can reduce their carbon footprint because the use of one LED light can save material and manufacture of 25 incandescent light bulbs.

See how LED strip lights can transform the appearance of your business.

Longer Life Span – These LED strip lights can outlast any other light source. Since LEDs eliminate the need to frequently change lights, LED strip lights are a great option for building owners who want to do away with the tedious maintenance of their outdated lighting systems. Many businesses have seen the operational life for LEDs to last over 100,000 hours – 11 years of continuous operation!

Disbursement of Light – Our high-performance diffusing lens helps disburse light in directions the LED would not on its own. The ability to use smaller lights to cover the same amount of square footage improves the aesthetic feel of many rooms. Additional reflectors can be added to help with additional spread or aiming of light.

LED strip lights have been on the market for years but have recently developed into a large array of products that can be altered for customized projects. By installing these lights in row formation, a continuous stream of light is created with minimal interruptions between fixtures. The uniformity of light and minimal glare make strip lights a great option for a variety of lighting needs. LED light strips have numerous advantages – how could your business benefit from them?

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