Suspended LED Lights can add that style you are looking for with optimal illumination!

Track lighting, also known as suspended lighting, is a lighting fixture that is hung from a track. Wiring is concealed inside of the track which enables users to easily add to or relocate their fixtures. These suspended ceiling lights can be used in any commercial environment, but we have seen the highest demand in spaces that require high performance and adjustability such as galleries and retail spaces. Our customers enjoy the ability to adjust their lighting fixtures, focus, and intensity to accommodate their changing spaces. We also want our customers to have the newest, most cost-effective choices, and that’s why we offer a variety of suspended LED lighting solutions.

Surface lighting can be used with track lighting to fill a large space, or it can serve as an architectural focal point. We offer the IC, VH, DT, and EC series, as well as our popular MEG2 series. The MEG2 Premium LED Highbay/Lowbay models are high performing and aesthetically pleasing. Our customers love the fixture’s shallow 3” profile and 60 degree crosswise shielding, which creates illumination without causing strain. This fixture produces 166 lumens per watt and can last up to 100,000+ hours. You can be sure that Energy Solutions has the inventory to provide you with a variety of choices for your business’ suspended LED ceiling light needs.

We offer a collection of suspended lighting fixtures, kits, and retrofit solutions that provide our customers with superior performance and customization.

No matter which fixture you choose, you can trust our professional team members to provide honest recommendations and proficient installation. Throughout the fixture’s life, we will be available for maintenance and repairs. Our team understands that downtime and disruption are to be avoided at all costs, which is why we are available during evening and weekend hours as well. You can trust that our team has the education and experience necessary to ensure the project is completed promptly, safely, and affordably.

Your business’ lighting has a significant impact on your employees and guests, and it is important to trust a reputable and reliable company to manage it. Our team members would love to show you the improvements we have been able to make with other customers and design a customized solution for your company! Contact us today to get started!

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