Wall Mount

Don’t let the dark areas of your business go unlit any longer.

Are your building’s wall lights up to par with regulations and safety? Over 8 million people are treated for fall-related injuries yearly – many because lights weren’t bright enough or nonexistent. Access ways and stairwells are the highest prone areas for these avoidable trips and falls. Since these accidents are so common in the workplace, building regulations have been established to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Wall lights are a simple, effective solution, and Energy Solutions offers a variety of wall mounted lights that can make traversing these areas safer and more cost efficient.

Studies show that when pedestrians use stairs, they only view the first and last three steps. In addition, as people descend a stairway, the risers are not in their line of sight. As a business owner, it’s important to have proper controls in place at both the top and bottom of stairwells to minimize the risk of falls. With proper wall lights, shadows and glare won’t create visibly challenging areas. And with Energy Solutions’ customizable controls, you can create settings specific for your high or low traffic areas.

With over 8 million falls because of ill-lit stairs, isn’t it time you explored better LED options?

Dimmers not only improve the safety of your building, but they also save you money. Fixed with an integral motion sensor, our LS1 Series has a wide range of dimming options. In its off state, the LS1 remains at 10% light capacity for safety purposes. Our Stairwell Luminaire is outfitted with a 17W 2’ lamp that remains on continuously while the 32W 4’ lamps are controlled with a motion sensor that can be adjusted. Both options are customizable and will keep your areas properly lit.

Energy Solutions has the perfect wall mount for your stairwells, access ways, and other low-traffic areas. Wall sconces or wall mounted lights are important to any building, but specifically those with difficult to see areas. Save on energy bills, and at the same time keep your business safe from falls and other injuries. See what solutions will work for you from Energy Solutions.

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