Commercial Lighting

Is your commercial lighting the reason why your energy bill is so high?

Lighting for your commercial building is essential to your business. Energy Solutions has been providing the best lights for commercial buildings for over 25 years. Deciding to change or update your lights is a big decision, but we are here to help you make the right choices. There are many reasons to update or retrofit your lights:

  • Saves over 50% on energy bills
  • Creates an eco-friendly environment
  • Extends life of lights
  • Reduces maintenance needs

The first step once you choose to upgrade is to put a goal in place. While some buildings need focused light on shelving units, some need lights that will stay on at all hours of the day, while others may simply need motion detector lights.

Whatever your goal is, we have a solution! We have numerous styles and options to choose from to ensure your commercial lighting project is completed exactly how you envisioned it.

ME Series – Architecturally styled, this series is for high and low bay ceilings. The internal LEDs provide a soft, even illumination. With over 100,000 hours of light, this series is great for any commercial building looking for an upgrade.

GT Series – If you just need a replacement for your fluorescents, this standard lay-in prismatic troffer can be ordered with an array of features. A basic ballast cover can be ordered or we can add an efficiency enhancing white or specular reflector.

LX Series – Our newest and most exciting product, this volumetric troffer comes with a retrofit kit that sets the industry standard in speedy installation. Fast and easy installation means less downtime for your building. Offered standard in an aluminum body, this fixture outperforms the competition.

LT Series – This LED troffer comes completely assembled to allow for fast and accurate installation. Perfect for converting inefficient fluorescents, the optical lens is used to minimize pixilation and glare.

LP Series – The low profile is great for low ceilings or limited space. In a warehouse where safety is key, even the hardest to reach places need light. This series is available in a two-lamp cross-section for extra light.

The ability to use your existing fixtures means less downtime for your warehouse, lower out of pocket expenses, and less trash in a landfill. Our prototype design system can help design a retrofit for any lighting fixture.

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