Industrial Lighting

In an industrial space, lighting is critical to employee performance. Does your facility have proper lighting?

Industrial facilities have unique requirements, and it is crucial to the performance of your employees that you have proper lighting in place. By implementing healthy, efficient lighting, you will not only see a reduction in energy expenditures, but you will also see improved productivity of staff members working long shifts. Energy Solutions has the variety of products and experienced team members necessary to provide your business with the efficient and affordable lighting solution it needs.

We offer a variety of fixtures and retrofit kits that are designed for industrial facilities. These fixtures are designed to create wide-covering illumination and withstand long periods of use. They also have top-of-the-line efficacy. Additionally, our industrial fixtures can be fully customized for use with many different types of controls. These controls allow the fixtures to integrate into building control systems which can then be programmed to set schedules or be manually controlled through a single access point. Our customers benefit from the controls’ ability to create a more efficient and customized environment.

Energy Solutions offers a variety of industrial lighting fixtures that are efficient, durable, and customizable.

LED Strip Retrofit Kit and Fixture

  • VX Series
  • Featuring 150,000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Utilizes Name Brand LED Drivers
  • Comes Standard with Dimming Capabilities

Economy Style LED High Bay / Low Bay

  • ME Series
  • Supports Wide Spacing with Even Illumination
  • Rated 112+ for Luminaire Efficiency
  • Utilizes Quality Drivers and Boards

LED High Bay Fixture

  • DT Series
  • Resistant to Impact/Moisture
  • Utilizes Quality LEDs and Drivers
  • Available with Integrated Sensor

Energy Solutions’ experienced team members will work alongside your team to educate you on the best lighting choices for your industrial facility. Our selection of industrial LED lighting is highly recommended because of its high efficiency, superior lifespan, and high performance. Once you have decided which fixtures and retrofit kits are the best fit for your needs and budget, we will install the units then maintain and repair them as necessary. We understand the unique needs of these facilities, and keep safety and professionalism as our top priority. Additionally, we offer evening, weekend, and holiday hours in order to accommodate stringent production schedules.

We are certain that among our vast inventory, you will find the perfect lighting fixture or retrofit kit to meet the needs of your industrial facility. No matter which fixture you choose, you can trust our team of lighting experts to properly install, maintain, and repair it. To learn more about our experience in working with these types of businesses, or to get started on your industrial facility’s lighting upgrade, contact us today to get started!

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