Retail Lighting

Atmospherics: the factors in a retail store that can be controlled to influence a consumer’s buying mood. i.e. Displays, fixtures, flooring, smell, sounds, lighting, and temperature

The atmospherics in a retail store will help your customers decide if they want to purchase something from you. Factors that play a large role in how a customer shops are mostly controlled by you, the business owner. Retail lighting can help or hurt your business depending on how you are utilizing it. In a retail store setting, lights are a necessity. They help define your image, highlight products, and make for an enjoyable shopping experience. Energy Solutions has many different options for business owners that will help their store shine bright! Focusing on the different types of lighting in a store can help determine what fixtures and lights will work best for your business.

Accent Lighting – Highlighting specific areas, displays, or décor is a great way to get attention. Many stores use this type of lighting to direct customers to more expensive merchandise subliminally. Decide where you need accent lighting by picking out which displays to highlight, what products need additional light to showcase well, and what will make your window displays stand out down the street. Choose your lighting fixture based on how permanent your fixtures will be. The ability to adjust and change these lights make it easier to update your displays without doing major construction.

Task Lighting – Used to better illuminate areas in your store where more light is needed for specific tasks. Your check-out desk, entrance and signage, or fitting rooms are areas that will need additional lights to make it easier on your employees and help customers make decisions. Task lighting is very similar to accent lighting but is more permanent. These spaces need a constant light that more than likely won’t change.

Want to see how many lumens you need? Find the cubic feet of your sales floor and multiply by 2.5.

Decorative Lighting – Adding dimension and beauty to your store can be done with a chandelier, wall sconce, or custom fixture. While not necessary for a customer to shop, they add to the feel of your business. These lights need to be seen, so pick a focal point like the front entrance, a window display, or a point high on your wall. This piece should fit your brand and aesthetic feel to pull the entire store together.

General or Ambient Lighting – The main light source for your store is a key factor to consider when deciding on fixtures or types of lights. Your store should feel welcoming and help customers feel comfortable while providing enough light to find their way around. If you think of your lighting in terms of layers, you can see after putting in all the additional lighting where you need your general lighting. Taking into consideration the warmth and color of your lights helps develop a comfortable shopping space for your customers.

The lighting in a store can transform the look and feel of the atmosphere and merchandise. Partnering with us when designing your cohesive lighting blueprint will help achieve the best light, look, and energy savings for your store. A good rule-of-thumb is if there is any portion of your store that has more than 6 feet of space in-between lights, there should be additional lighting added. Energy Solutions has retail LED lighting, grocery store lighting, and retrofit kits perfect for any store.

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