Sports Lighting

From the NHL to MLB, stadiums across the nation are upgrading to LED lighting. Will yours be next?

As a small business ourselves, the Energy Solutions team knows the value of a dollar. It is our goal to give our clients the most affordable, high performing, and efficient lighting possible. We offer a variety of LED sports lighting fixtures and retrofits to better illuminate the players as well as improve the lighting infrastructure of the stadium or arena.

We recommend implementing LED stadium lighting because these types of fixtures produce high quality illumination that will improve the experience of both viewers and players. The lower energy requirements allow for this increased performance at a lower cost and more environmentally friendly rate. Additionally, these fixtures have a significantly longer life span which reduces replacement costs as well as the hassle of accessing and replacing lights that may interrupt the stadium’s operation.

Improve the environment for your players and audience as well as your business’ expenditures by implementing LED sports field lighting.

High bay Guarded Fixture (HG Series)

  • Provides Superior Light Quality
  • Creates Maximum Photometric Efficiency
  • Available with Optional Wire Guard
  • Crafted for High Abuse Environments

Indirect LED Court Lighter (IC Series)

  • Provides Superior Light Quality
  • Creates Maximum Photometric Efficiency
  • Built with Aluminum to Minimize Weight and Maximize Heat Dissipation
  • Prewired for Singled Sided LED Lamps

While the HG and IC series are the most popular lighting choices among sports facilities, we also offer a variety of other options. Our team has fixtures and retrofit kits that will create everything from LED tennis court lighting to professional sports arena lighting. Although we recommend implementing LED lighting for its quality and affordability, many of these features are available with other bulbs as well. Each of these fixtures was chosen for this environment because of their durability and performance. These additional models include but are not limited to the following:

  • WB Series – Wall Bay Fixture
  • IH Series – Induction High Bay Fixture
  • VA Series – Vapor Tight LED Fixture and Retrofit Kit
  • PC Series – Power Cage Fixture
  • LG Series – lay-in Guarded Fixture
  • HS Series – High Bay Fixture
  • HE Series – Hybrid Energy Fixture

No matter what type of sports facility you own, it is critical that you upgrade its lighting infrastructure to include LED fixtures and retrofits. Not only will these lights save you money on energy expenditures, but they will also create more illuminated fields/courts/rinks for your players and fans to enjoy. To learn more about our experience within the sports industry or to get started on your lighting upgrade, contact us today to get started!

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