Stairwell Lighting

We offer a variety of products that ensure that your business’ stairwells are lit properly.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide lighting in a variety of applications, including stairwells where proper lighting is critical for safety. We offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor stairwells in order to ensure we can meet the needs of any business. You can trust our experienced team to install, maintain, and repair your stairwell lighting fixtures and guarantee the proper performance of your lighting infrastructure.

Throughout our years of experience, Energy Solutions has increased our product offering and expertise to cater to the expanding needs of our customers; therefore, we offer multiple product lines that can be applicable in the stairwell environment. This includes LED stair lights as well as fluorescent and other technology. We also have the capability to add controls to these stair lights, which allows them to be operated via the internet. This function entails recording their usage information, setting the lights to a schedule, operating them manually, or operating them via motion sensors. These fixtures can then be connected to other smart devices within your business, allowing for more comprehensive building operation. Not only does this add more customization to the lighting infrastructure, but it also increases energy conservation and environmental friendliness.

We offer a variety of products aimed to improve the lighting and control of your business’ indoor and outdoor stairwells.

LS1 Series

  • Designed for Stairwells and Other Small Spaces
  • Produces 10% Illumination in Off State
  • Available with: full range dimming, field programmable lighting control & a 5 year limited warranty

SL Series

  • Designed for Stairwells
  • Durable Construction
  • Available with: enhanced aluminum & field programmable lighting control

It is critical to the safety of your employees that you implement proper lighting for your indoor and outdoor stairwells. Our team has the experience and quality products necessary to ensure your stairwell lighting is customizable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. You can trust us to handle the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of these stairwell fixtures that are sure to improve your overall lighting infrastructure. Whether you are curious about our previous experiences in working with stairwell lighting or are ready to begin customizing your stairwell environment, contact us today to get started!

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