Is your property illuminated for safety and security?

Outdoor lighting has a significant impact on the security and aesthetics of your building. These kits will allow your current systems to utilize advanced technology and support a variety of LED light sources. Our selection of outdoor lighting will ensure your building exterior, truck docks and parking garage spaces are properly lit. LEDs can be significantly brighter than traditional HID bulbs but require less energy. This will drive down your business’ energy expenditures and create a more environmentally-friendly outdoor space. The modules also have a superior lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. Once the LEDs reach the end of their lives, they are more affordable to dispose of because they don’t contain glass or toxic chemicals like other bulbs.

We offer a variety of outdoor LED retrofit kits because we want your building to have the highest performing and most efficient outdoor fixtures.

Replacing all your outdoor lights is a costly expenditure. With our retrofits for outdoor LED lights, you can use your existing fixtures but take advantage of the superior quality of LEDs.

Our VX-VA series are great fits for outdoor spaces because they are available in vapor tight design. This means your system remains durable enough to withstand dust, debris, and weather conditions such as rain and hail. These fixtures are also easier to clean as they can endure a wet wash. We utilize top-of-the-line products that offer warranties, so you can rest assured that they will provide optimal illumination and last a long time.

The VX series’ LED strip fixture and retrofit kit is popular among customers because of its ability to be customized. This fixture produces up to 140 lumens per watt and has a lifespan of over 150,000 hours. Users can choose from a variety of lumen and wattage packages, as well as three different color temperatures. Additionally, dimming controls and frosted lens are available upon request. The VA series’ LED vapor tight kit offers businesses superior light quality and photometric efficiency. This is due to the consistent design of the platform as well as the quality of the LED drivers and LED boards from companies like Philips Lighting, Seoul Semiconductor and Osram. Customers are also able to choose whether they need dimming controls, on-board sensors, or hanging hardware.

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