Wall Pack

Is the outdoor safety of your business as important as the inside?

The outside lighting of your business is just as important as the inside. The lighting outside is usually focused on functionality versus beauty, but the illumination of your building and property will draw positive attention when lit properly. Energy Solutions has multiple, customizable options for your outdoor walls, walkways, and garages. Through the heat of summer and the cold of winter, our outdoor LED wall packs are designed to last through extreme temperatures and weather. Since LEDs can last for years on end, the nuisance of replacing bulbs frequently will no longer be an issue. The illumination of your property is a safety concern ­– let Energy Solutions’ LED wall packs help keep you and your business safe.

The LED Wall Pack Series (WP) is designed to help maximize the life of the LED emitters. Since most outdoor fixtures stay on for extended periods, you want to make sure you are getting extended life out of your lights. Our design insures the heat gets out of the fixture for very long life expectancies. With the option of up to 85W, walkways and buildings are always fully illuminated.

Wall Pack LED lights will keep your property constantly illuminated for over 100,000 hours!

Our Full Cutoff Wall Pack or WPC Series can provide up to 10,400 lumens of light. Designed to protect the LED within, it has superior thermal management that will maximize the life of your LED. The weather resistant enclosure will keep rain, snow, and moisture from entering and ruining your LEDs. We use patented Philips and Osram PrevaLED boards which use high-efficacy LEDs for high efficacy and maximum light control. Available in nine different wattage configurations, you’ll have over 20 years of service. We also have a full array of controls options that will help your system last longer and use less energy!

Both our LED wall pack lights come with a five-year warranty, for the original purchaser. That guarantees your fixtures are free from defects in material and workmanship. Our lights are designed to last for years, and we fully stand behind our superior quality fixtures. If the safety of your employees, customers, and business is something that you take seriously, our wall packs will provide you with the outdoor lighting you need for peace of mind.

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