LED Retrofit

LED retrofits allow you to upgrade your business’ lighting without incurring the expense and time commitment new fixtures require.

The growth within the LED industry is due to the superior performance and efficiency of these bulbs. A retrofit is the kit that is used to upgrade your existing light fixtures with a new light source while maintaining the integrity of the fixture itself. While many businesses are considering the value of a full light replacement, many haven’t thought of the LED retrofit option. Your business can benefit from LEDs without the expense of having your entire lighting structure redone.

How do you know if an LED retrofit is a good fit for you? Answering a few simple questions can help make the decision between replacing lighting fixtures or retrofitting using the existing fixtures already in place.

  1. Are my fixtures in good condition?
  2. Do I have a large investment in my fixtures?
  3. Am I doing a remodel?
  4. Are all my fixtures up to specific building codes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are the perfect candidate for an LED retrofit! Energy Solutions has a wide selection of retrofit kits that will fit your existing lights and help you implement the benefit of LEDs.

Our expert team will upgrade your business’ current fixtures to affordably achieve better performing and more energy efficient LED lighting.

We recommend LED retrofits because we have seen the improvements they have made within our customers’ businesses. LED bulbs are significantly brighter than traditional HID and halide bulbs but require less energy. This will create more predictable and affordable maintenance bills, which will bring a return on the investment you are making in the retrofit service. The bulbs also boast a superior lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. Once the bulbs reach the end of their lives, they are more affordable to dispose of because they don’t contain glass or toxic chemicals like other bulbs.

Many of our customers have reacted benefitted from the change in lighting, especially to the way the LEDs enhance their lighting environments. The ability to change colors, dim at the touch of a finger, and enhance specific products or areas, creates a better performing and more customizable business lighting infrastructure. The benefits of LED retrofits continue to grow as more and more businesses are moving to the more cost-effective choice. To learn more about our experience with retrofits or to begin your business’ lighting upgrade, contact us today to get started!

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