Retail Lighting Retrofit

Is your retail business’ lighting outdated and expensive? We can help!

The presentation of products in your retail business is critical to your success. It is our goal to ensure your inventory is properly displayed with our retail lighting retrofit services. We will transform your lamps and fixtures and upgrade them with options that are more energy efficient and better performing without the increased cost. Our retrofit offering includes fluorescent, plasma, and LED. You can trust our dedicated team to help choose the best retrofit for your business’ unique needs and budget. You can also count on us to properly install and maintain it as necessary.

Retrofitting is more affordable than traditional replacements and has a fast installation process which reduces your store’s downtime and costs.

Retrofitting creates a more efficient and successful environment that will drive down operating costs. Because this process involves upgrades rather than replacements, the process is more affordable and less complex. The service is quicker and results in a reduction in downtime, allowing your company to continue with business as usual. Because these offerings create such efficient environments, they are often eligible for tax incentives and utility rebates. Of all of our retrofitting options, our biggest sellers are the LX and VX series. Both of these are available in the increasingly popular LED versions.

Upgrading to LED store lighting will provide multiple benefits to your retail business. Outdated units often require a large amount of energy to operate, so stores that implement retrofitting see reduced energy expenditures. This increased efficiency also creates a eco-friendlier environment. LED bulbs are highly customizable and available in different temperatures or different shades. We recommend that you choose a color that is in the middle of the scale and is cool enough to highlight products while warm enough to attract customers. Maintenance requirements are minimal with these bulbs, and their long lifespans allow them to endure your extended hours of operation. Once these bulbs have reached the end of their lifespans, they will be easy and affordable to dispose of as they don’t contain mercury or glass like other bulbs do.

Our certified and educated team members have 24 years of experience in working with retail stores and other commercial customers. We strive to improve the environment of every client through affordable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing lamps and fixtures. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or to start on your retail store’s lighting upgrade!

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